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Trade-in Values

GPS(see notes about values below)

GPS (Complete and Working Condition
Garmin 196 $200
Garmin 296 $400
Garmin 396 $600
Garmin 495 $450
Garmin 496 $800
Garmin 695 $600
Garmin 696 $900

Headsets (see notes about values below)

Headsets (Good condition, Working)
Lightspeed Sierra $200
Lightspeed Zulu $500
Bose X (Battery Version) $400
Bose X (Panel Mt Version) $300
Bose X (Helicopter Version) $300
Telex 100
Telex 50D$200
Telex 850$200

Radios (see notes about values below)

Handheld Radios
Icom A22 $50
Icom A14 $90
Icom A6 $125
Icom A24 $150
Vertex Standard VXA-220 $75
Vertex Standard VXA-300 $100
Vertex Standard VXA-700/710 $125
GPS (Complete and Working Condition
Garmin 96 $175
Garmin 96C $250
Garmin Aera 500 $350
Garmin Aera 510 $650
Garmin Aera 550 $550
Garmin Aera 560 $800


Headsets (Good condition, Working)
David Clark H10-13 $100
David Clark H20-10 $100
David Clark H10-30 $50
David Clark H10-40 $25
David Clark H10-60 $100
David Clark H10-13X $275
David Clark H20-10XL $200
Flightcom Denali ANR

Values listed are an estimate only for items traded in. Values of used equipment can vary depending on Supply, Demand and Condition. Please call for a list of accessories required for trade-in. Missing accessories will be charged against the value of the item. Values are subject to change at any time. 100% Price match guarantee does not apply to Used Equipment.