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Produced as an officially licensed product to the highest standards, Herpa diecast metal models are developed as a collaborative effort with aircraft manufacturers, the airlines, and the military, and are recognized by discerning model airplane collectors worldwide for their unparalleled, accurate realism, attention to detail and exceptional quality.

This Herpa 1/72 scale Luftwaffe Eurofighter Typhoon – TaktLwG 31 (Tactical Wing 31) Nörvenich Air Base – Quadririga – Registration 31-49 – which measures approximately 8-3/4-inches long with a 6-1/16-inch wingspan, is a correct, true-to-scale reproduction of the actual aircraft, and features authentic, highly detailed graphics and markings. A Display Stand is not included and is sold separately.

Designed by a group of European aircraft manufacturers as an extremely responsive, versatile aircraft that is well suited for combat, air-to-surface strike operations and aerial reconnaissance, this Eurofighter Typhoon, named, “Quadriga,” is utilized as a multirole fighter jet in the German Air Force, and has served in the Tactical Air Force Wing 31 in Nörvenich.

The newly ordered Typhoon will feature various improvements including state-of-the-art Captor-E radar, which, in a way, is also documented with the special paint scheme. The binary code behind the cockpit, for example, represents the digitalization of the Luftwaffe, while the blue polygons embody the Bundeswehr’s corporate design. The Quadriga, a chariot pulled by four horses is best known from the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, is an absolute eyecatcher, applied with great finesse to the vertical stabilizer. The model is based on the mission aircraft with the tactical registration 31-49 of the Boelcke Tactical Air Force Wing 31 from Nörvenich.

The Tranche-4 Eurofighters are to replace older, less capable Tranche-1 aircraft within the Bundeswehr by 2025. This will brin the total number of German Typhoons to 180, making the volume order higher than that of the largest user to date, the Royal Air Force of the United Kingdom.

Commissioned for service in the air forces of many nations, more recently produced aircraft have become progressively better equipped to go up against a growing amount of fast emerging armaments and tactical equipment.

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