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Comprising superior quality, solid, substantial injection molded plastic components with a simple snap-fit design that allows for easy assembly without the need for glue, this SkyMarks 1/200 scale Delta Airlines Boeing 767-200 measures approximately 9-5/8-inches long with a 9-1/2-inch wingspan and comes complete with a Display Stand. An accurate, true-to-scale reproduction of the actual aircraft, the model is great for collectors and features authentic, highly detailed graphics and markings. The wide-body, twin-engine Boeing 767 jetliner was introduced by the company to complement its larger Boeing 747 by serving specific markets that were not practical for or could not be served by the bigger plane. Although aesthetically somewhat conventional in appearance, the Boeing 767 enabled seven abreast cross seating and featured Boeing’s first two-crew glass cockpit, which was jointly developed for the 757, not only permitting a common pilot type rating, it did away with the necessity for a flight engineer, forever changing the architecture of the cockpit. Having entered service in September 1982 with United Airlines as the launch customer for the Boeing 767-200, Boeing subsequently released five further variants of the 767, including the extended range 767-200ER in 1984, the stretched 767-300 in 1986, and the extended range 767-300ER in 1988, which was the most popular variant of the line. Boeing then introduced its first freighter version of the 767 in 1995, the 767-300F followed by the 767-400ER, a second stretched passenger version of the aircraft that was released in 2000. Initially used for U.S. transcontinental flights, after the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) established the special flight regulations via ETOPS (Extended-Range Twin-Engine Operations Performance Standards), an acronym pertaining to established rules and parameters by which twin-engine aircraft must operate. This Delta Boeing 767-200, The Spirit of Delta, which was inspired by “Project 767,” has quite an interesting history. According to Delta (, not only was the airline industry troubled by a weak economy, high fuel prices and deregulation, it was the first time in 35 consecutive years that Delta posted a net loss. To show support and express their appreciation for the airline, Delta’s employees, led by three flight attendants, spearheaded “Project 767” to raise $30 million dollars to pay for Delta’s first Boeing 767, N102DA, christened “The Spirit of Delta, which commenced service in December 1982. The Spirit of Delta was flown by the airline for more than 23 years and was painted in special liveries to commemorate the 1996 Atlanta Olympics and Delta’s 75th Anniversary in 2004. The aircraft was retired in March 2006 and now resides on display in Historic Hangar 2 at the Delta Museum.

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