Lightspeed Zulu 3 (GA Dual Plugs, Straight Cable)


Zulu 3 builds on the performance and features that have made the
legendary Zulu line the choice of private and professional pilots
worldwide, but adds a number of enhancements to deliver even more
comfort and durability

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The Lightspeed Zulu 3 is the ultimate aviation headset for pilots! This high-quality headset is designed to provide you with superior comfort and sound quality, as well as a range of advanced features to make your flights more enjoyable.

The Lightspeed Zulu 3 (GA Dual Plugs, Straight Cable) is designed for use with general aviation aircraft and features a straight cable with dual plugs for easy installation. Some of the standout features of the Lightspeed Zulu 3 include:

  • Superior comfort: The headset is designed with a comfortable, lightweight design, with padded ear cups and a padded headband to reduce fatigue during long flights.
  • Excellent sound quality: The headset features high-quality speakers and noise-canceling microphones, which provide clear, crisp sound for both incoming and outgoing communication.
  • Advanced features: The headset includes a range of advanced features, including Bluetooth connectivity, a built-in audio panel, and automatic volume control, which make it easy to connect to a variety of devices and customize your audio experience.
  • Durable construction: The headset is built with high-quality materials and construction, so it can withstand the rigors of life in the cockpit.
  • Easy to use: The headset is easy to install and operate, with a straightforward interface that is easy to understand.

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